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Let's take a journey together and explore some Values to Build Upon in these workshops. I'm certain you will be enlightened by what God's Word reveals to you as we grow together.

Both workshops are designed to equip congregations to minister to people impacted by suicidal desperation. Those who are considering suicide, those who are concerned about family members, and those who have suffered the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide.

THESE BELOW ARE PRESENTED ON BEHALF OF THE American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)–Arkansas Chapter. FREE

This Introduction to Suicide Prevention is a community-based presentation that covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide.

This program raises awareness about mental health issues, how to start a conversation about mental health, the importance of self-care, and how to reach out for help.

L.E.T.S. (Listening, Empathy, Trust, Support) Save Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention for Black and African American Communities

Let's talk about it, book Shanese today!

shanese p. brown Ministries

PO BOX 127

Bryant, AR 72089


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