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LET'S GATHER is an extension of shanese p. brown Ministries. Our vision is to uplift, inspire and encourage youth to be authentically themselves through our various programs and resources. To gather is to bring together or assemble from various places, sources or people and that's just what we aspire to do!

MAIN goal is to stimulate a relationship with foster children BEFORE they age out of foster care –starting at age 14– to prepare them to transition into adulthood (Phase I). We offer one-on-one and group coaching/mentoring, life skills training, parenting courses, mental health, and other resources. This relationship will aid in a smooth transfer into our Transitional Housing – The Watering Place (Phase II).

(If you're NOT in foster care but need help, email us at

Meet our People

Hey there, these are your buddies! They're here to show you the way to our cozy spot, Let's Gather. It's where you're treated with lots of respect and kindness, and where honesty and openness are part of every step we take together.

We Need Volunteers!

We are currently looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in any way please email us. Or if you know someone who may be interested, please share our information. Thank you!

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