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Entry 15: Independence is Overrated

From the time you’re introduced to the world, you are are taught little by little to be independent. You’re expected to learn to walk on your own, feed yourself, learn new words and phrases, go potty and eventually clean up behind yourself. All leading to INDEPENDENCE. Then as you get older you’re taught to get a job because you shouldn’t rely or depend on anyone else to support you. You were probably taught, if you’re well and able you should do it yourself and be self sufficient. That’s all good and dandy, but what happens when the bottom falls out or the unexpected happens? Do you still play the independent role or do you seek guidance and support? So many worry and stress over simple fixes because deep down inside their pride won’t allow them to depend on anyone for anything. After all, you were taught to grow into independence and that’s all you know. So it’s safe to say that it could be difficult for some to depend on God when it’s challenging to rely on someone else for help. God is always there to help you, He is constant. It’s like you’re on a team, God is the coach and the only way to victory is to depend on the Coach’s direction. At some point in life you have to be willing to give up a little independence to be successful. Are you willing to get self out the way to be in position to depend on someone else? Believe it or not God has people waiting for you to surrender to His will. You can’t do everything yourself, that’s why it’s people in this world and not just a person.

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