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Entry 20: Simon Says

I know we are all familiar with the old childhood game Simon Says. You say “Simon says put your right arm up.” And everyone who’s playing puts their right hand up. Whoever is Simon will continue with commands saying Simon says before the command, then all of a sudden says a command without saying Simon says. The individual who does the command without Simon telling them to is out of the game simply because they did something Simon didn’t instruct them to do. Doesn’t something similar happen when we don’t listen to God and do what He says? Just like in the game, in reality there are consequences of not listening. If we don’t hear we can’t obey. We have setbacks because we do what we want to do or what we thought God was telling us to do. And all because our ears are not inclined to Him, we get so eager to do the next thing just like in Simon Says. We move and He hasn’t instructed us to move. Just like in the game, we should wait to hear from God, then act upon it, until then keep still.

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