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Entry 6: WOW

This encounter started off cray-cray lol. First of all, I thought I was just experiencing moodiness from an irregular period. Secondly, older kids are funny! It has been about three years since my last miscarriage (2016) so I've sorta went on about my business (2019). I actually forgot all about my initial prayer; that I'm able to give Ronnie a child. But what I was soon to find out was that God never forgets about us, we forget about Him. Smh.

I had already told Ronnie that I hadn't been feeling myself and I thought I should go see a doctor. My periods for the last few months were wacky so I thought maybe I was beginning to have THAT change, lol. But, I never did go to the doctor to have it checked out (rolling my eyes). One day my daughter asked me what was wrong with me and I'm like, "nothing, what's wrong with you?" Lol, anyone who knows me probably know what that sounded like. Anyway, later that evening we had dinner with one of my older sons and his girlfriend. Apparently, I was acting stank and my son asked me what was wrong with me and I'm like, "what do you mean, what's wrong with me?" My emotions were already all over the place and I had no earthly idea what was going on inside my body. No earthly idea! I mean I was a full grown woman so how did I not know? Denial.

On the way home that evening we stopped by Walmart to get a few things and I found myself sneaking a pregnancy test in the basket (I didn't want my daughter seeing it, like I was scared of her, smh). I paid for my things and eased the pregnancy test in my purse out of sight. I was so nervous that I couldn't even take the pregnancy test. I started thinking what if it is negative, I will be let down again. What if it is positive, I will have to deal with the naysayers again. Either way I was gonna have to deal with something. So I decided to go ahead and just do it afraid (I was so scared y'all). I peed on the stick...waited a minute and you wouldn't believe the results! Yes! A positive result, pregnant! I was in shock, I mean jaw dropping shock. I said, Lord, You sure do have a sense of humor. I'm 45 and now I'm pregnant, by the time I have this child I will be 46 with a 27, 23, 19 and a 12 year old child (like the Lord didn't know all of this). Are You sure about this Lord? You prayed for this child and I have granted you what you have prayed. 1 Samuel 1:27

Stay connected to this blog, next week's title is "The Process"...#spb

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