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Entry 8: The Process 2

2nd Trimester:

Guess what! I made it past my first trimester successfully, now here comes round two. I'm still working for the first half of my second trimester. But what I failed to mention before is that I did see a doctor that specialize in high risk pregnancies. So I was being closely monitored at all times. At 16 weeks I began to see my doctor every other week and it was suggested that I start taking a progesterone shot every week until delivery beginning the following week. This shot is suppose to help prevent having a preterm baby. Because as you know, I have had three preterm babies and four miscarriages before this pregnancy. So it had become important for me to comply with my doctor's orders 🤦‍♀️. I was comfortable with this decision because I had used this drug before with my fourth pregnancy (although I did still have a preterm birth, I believe it was still beneficial). With that being said, if you are considering using progesterone, there are some possible side effects you may need to consider beforehand. Please be sure to discuss those with your doctor.

Ok, I had started having problems wanting to get up in the mornings to go to work. You see, my work schedule was 6-2:30 Monday-Thursday and 4-12:30 on Friday's. Talk about a struggle; I wasn't a spring chicken anymore 😆. Although I was in my second trimester, I was still feeling sick. I couldn't eat good meals and I was super moody. I was committed to the church, a good wife, a mother, employee...and pregnant. I was thinking, Lord, what in the world are you doing!!! I have to do all this and get a weekly shot (in the buttucks)? But I would always hear a still small voice saying, "you got this". And I would say out loud, "no I don't". Lol. But I kept hearing that voice in the back of my head so eventually that voice eased its way to the front of my head, I started believing that voice and thinking: this is gonna happen, captain!

At my 20 week appointment (June 17), the doctor discovered that my cervix had begun to shorten. We discussed the possibilities surrounding that and decided on surgery the following day. A cervical cerclage. Now first and foremost, I was shocked that they would even dose up a pregnant woman like that 🤦‍♀️. Secondly, I wanted to have the most successful pregnancy that I could have at this point. So you know what happened, I went on with the surgery. But that came with many prices. The first one was, no work. So that brings me to number two, I would have to depend on my loved ones (ha) to help fill in the gaps. I would need help; physically 🤦‍♀️. I mean for me, this is the ultimate test: when I'm down, who will be the there for me. It's one thing when a person doesn't know (I get it--you're in the clear) but it's entirely different when you know a person has a need and you put it off on the next person. I mean they do have a spouse or they do have kids. Or maybe you say to yourself, "I'm sure they have someone to help them." Yes they do, you!

Anyways, I became so lonely in my second trimester. I was reminded of who I should allow on the front row of my life and who needed to be placed in the balcony. I learned where to place things that mattered most, what was priority and what wasn't. I learned that there were so many things and people distracting me that I had lost focus of the most important things. FAITH. FAMILY. FUN. I can't even begin to tell you how much my eyes have been opened during this last pregnancy. The Lord is faithful, He hears and He answers!

Next week I will be discussing my last trimester with you and I will also be praying about the next thing/topic to talk about.

Stay connected to this blog, next week's title is "The Process 3"...#spb

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