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Entry 1: How It All Got Started

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I know some of you may be thinking, "how did what get started?" Well, I'm talking about me being pregnant. Okay, okay everyone knows HOW I got pregnant, hopefully, lol. But I'm not talking about that, I'm referring to how this came to be...from the beginning.

I met Ronald Brown, May 2012. We dated for about a year and married one another, June 2013 (yes, he found a good thing, lol). He had the nerves to tell me I was gonna have his child one day while we were still dating, so I knew that was an expectation upon being married. I just didn't bank on it happening to us. You see, I already had four children of my own (Ronnie didn't have any), so I was saying okay with my mouth but dismissing it in my head. Me personally, I was fighting demons of my own. People were already criticizing me for having those four children with three different fathers. My life up until 2009 was full of fleshly ways and I'm not saying it's not a struggle now but I've learned a little more discipline over the years and trust me, I'm still learning. So I'm like, this will be one more father to add to the list (rolling my eyes). One more reason for people criticize me. Not to mention three of the four pregnancies were premature...yep folks were talking about that too. Saying why would I try again and risk yet another premature pregnancy. So, I'm looking at Ronnie like; okay but whatever! But what no one knew but Ronnie and I, was that this time would be different. We were both on one accord petitioning God for the same things.

Stay connected to this blog, next weeks title is "Going Along"...#spb.

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