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shanese p. brown brings over 15 years of advocacy and mentoring experience. She has successfully managed numerous clients in unconventional ways. Her distinctive expertise arises from her extensive history of delivering exceptional one-on-one assistance, employing creative problem-solving approaches, and fostering strong client loyalty.


shanese is a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and a friend.  As shanese takes her walk with the Lord seriously, she does not apologize for it. She is human and has faults (thank God for grace).  She is from Arkansas and has five wonderful children and a grandchild.  When she's not taking care of them or doing housework, she enjoys reading, meeting new people, decorating and event planning.



From her twenties, she harbored a deep-seated aspiration to guide young women towards fulfilling their divine purpose. Her journey commenced with mentoring teenagers, where she would convene her younger sisters alongside other girls from the church. Together, they embarked on outings, indulging in activities like shopping and nail appointments, relishing late-night TV sessions and shared meals, all the while engaging in heartfelt discussions about life's trials and triumphs. Through these moments, she ingeniously integrated Jesus into their conversations, making it a transformative opportunity for spiritual growth.

Her own life experiences helped fuel her desire to start shanese p. brown Ministries, Inc.  Shanese is thrilled to be able to continue doing what God has called her to do and still be her authentic self!

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